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Moriarti Mindfunk

The musings of a really sick son of a gun.

BE FORWARNED! The following pages are the rantings of a very disturbed man. Some (or all) of what you read here my offend you. Read at your own risk.

Hereditary Wisdom...

Once I thought I knew what Pop was trying to tell me, with that crooked, knowing grin of his smiling at me the way he smiled. That smile was only for the ones he loved. Really loved, not the "oh hell, I love him because he's my great-grand-uncle (twice removed)" love or whatever smile. It was a smile that was confident about you understanding what the hell he was trying to tell you. It was a smile that told you he loved you.

Anyway, I was saying, I once thought I knew what he was trying to tell me He said: "The world is packed with Idiots." In a most matter of factly way. So matter of factly (isnt that fun to say "Matter of factly")in fact that you found it hard to argue the point with him, even if you really disagreed. He would pipe off soon afterward with "LOOK! There goes one now!" as he pointed outrageously at an innocent passerby. Those were the good Ole Days that everyone talks about(by the way this is what Groucho Marx would have called a "Strange Segue", get over it, because it happens a lot.) Those days that really were horrible in their own special way, if you think about those times that weren't on the nostalgia hit parade. Those days "the good Ole Days" when every day was bright Florida sunshine, deep azure skies, and you were 10 or 15 pounds lighter (or maybe a little bit more) The fact that your front porch was hand crafted by you father out of pressure treated 2 by 4s and held together with entirely too many screws didn't make a rats ass because life could not have been more simple.

But I digress..Now I really DO understand what the hell he was saying. He was saying that the world REALLY is PACKED with IDIOTS! Look there goes one now! Really look, because you are probably sitting within bowshot (thats one of those nifty old English phrases that means close enough to tell whats goin on over there..) of someone that is either A) About to, B) In the process of, OR C) Just finished, Doing something STUPID. Now dont get me wrong, I am by no means perfect, nor am I saying one isn't entitled to an honest mistake. I am talking about someone doing something genuinely stupid because they CANNOT help being Idiots. Don't ya just hate when the ole' man was right!

Thank you, Pop!

This part of the site is deticated to me dear ole' Da'. That's his pic above. For more essays and other rants... take

The Red pill.