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In Vino Veritas - The rantings of a deranged mind.


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the LOG...heh...heh..

This page is for the daily drivel...not the finely crafted literature that graces the other page, the essays...So please don't expect much more that what ever is on my mind that particular instant in time...

07 SEP 2001

How is it that in the most "English" of all the english speaking counrties, England is saturated with non-english speakers? I'm not talking about the English themselves (though they damn sure have no claim to fame when it comes to "proper" english as they would have you believe), I am talking about the massive amount of "immigrants" and "refugees". Now don't get me wrong, I understand people take time to learn a new's just disconcerting is all. Sue me.

9 SEP 01

Made the mistake of watching "Mission: Paintball" this morning (shaza recorded it for me) GREAT SHOW!!! DAMN I want to slpatter someone with paint. 29 SEPT I get to do just that....can't wait....can't wait...

And THEN....Those bastards from the land of Jihad attacked us...I am now in Ft. Benning, GA...I blew out a knee...and life kinda sucks. Sorry I haven't posted...stuff has been kinda kooky...and I didn't even get the chance to waste some paint. :(

05 NOV 01

Ok...back to biz..I updated the review page...since I had *some* complaints that certain movies weren't represented. I am still pissed at the Towel Headed f**k sticks that attack my country, but we will get 'em. I can't believe these anti war types...get real... Oh well, thats why we have the 1st Amendment. But I Say: TURN THE ISREALIS LOOSE. If those silly bastards (Muslim Extremists) think we are @ fault for what Isreal does, then damn it, we should not hold the Zionists back. Hell the whole thing would probably be over in just a few weeks, Jakob the Jew don't play dat. OR we could commence "Operation Glassy Plain", hell we could flatten everything from the west bank to the Pacific Ocean and solve a WHOLE lot of problems (he, he, he!). As pop would say "Boomers....Boomers are the only answer. MRVs raining down from the sky". Better still, "W" could get together with China, Russia, India Pakistan, and all of the NATO Countries, and plan a little Nuclear downgrading, we could ALL unload our excess nukes on the region! I know, I know, The Environment...*sigh*..
Then there is always the "Final Solution" for the Camel Jockey MFers... All those C130s we used to spray "Agent Orange" on 'Nam...remember those? Well, we could hose 'em out and fill 'em with Pork follow?

07 DEC 01

Well, The joys of scocialised medicine. My MRI came back and I (finnally) got it read. The Doc says it's a *slightly* torn miniscus(sp?), and a *severe* bone bruise. I have to call to get an appointment with the ortho-doc to *rule out* surgery for the miniscus. I quit smoking(for real) I woke up hacking brown shite and my throat hurt. SO I quit. Besides Tres needs his daddy around(if I *ever* get home). I miss my baby boy, more than I thought was possible. I miss shaza too. I hope se is OK. I know she has a monumenal task, taking care of Tres(all alone in England), and helping fight the War. I wish I were privy to some of the J2 that she is....nifty stuff. She is really my hero, I only hope she knows how much I admire her. She is the Lioness, The Mother, the Wife. I love she! *sniff*
Tres is sure lucky with that mom of his. And Tres, did I mention that heis the most BEAUTIFUL baby there is?!?(or was, EVER!) Well enough ranting for now! V for Victory!