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Hall of Honor
Robert C. Daniel
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"The Forgotten War"


Robert Daniel was drafted for service in the UN's first test in a Brave New World. He was trained as a Military Policeman and was sent to the Korean peninsula with the 3rd Infantry Division during the climax of the war.
CPL Daniel had left his lovely young bride, Jean, to fight the tyranny that was communism. Thoughout the campaign he served in a Combat MP role providing crucial battlefield circulation control and processed countless Korean and Chinese Prisoners of War.
He served his tour with distiction, his unit recieving the Korean Presidential Unit Citation twice during 7 campaigns and came home unscathed...or so it seemed...Unfortunately the war never left CPL Daniel, although he would not find out how for nearly 50 years. The pesticide "DDT" that the MPs used to de-louse the EPWs during processing was later thought to be the catalyst for the recurring auto-immune disorder that would eventually take his life.
Robert was a late casualty of the UNs "Forgotten War".