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Well, it's in there! Stretch marks, naps and months of waiting. Is anyone terrified?!?!

Baby at 26 weeks

Mummy and Da smiles - August 2001

How could any child not want to be ours? Mike has been wonderful and sweet. I have been cranky, hungry and increasingly less mobile! Ah, the bliss of pre-parenthood.


The three moms-to-be and Moma Marie ask the Ouiji Board all about their babies. Of course, so far it's been wrong 2 out of 3 times. And we still don't know what I'm having! May 19, 2001

24 weeks, leaving Aiken

Showing the belly. How SEXY!! We're 24 weeks along and leaving Aiken for England. Thanks for the picture and the help, Bill!

May 30, 2001


At least I can still dance. Hafta keep my girlish figure! Ha! Can someone help me with this innertube around my waist?

25 weeks

This is the 25th week. Ahh, the beauty of overalls!!

June 2001


Okay, showing belly. Seems to have grown. 34 four weeks. That means 6 more to go. Yikes!!

August 2001