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Sites of England
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If there's one word to describe England, it would be old. That's a much better word than crumbling, ruins or inconvenient. Just kidding. England has some truly beautiful, quaint villages and you are never very far from history.

Castle ruins north of London

This castle is in a tiny town north of London. Beware, they have "priveledged" parking. We're not sure what that meant except we weren't welcome to park there! Anyway, the ruin was once the backside of a keep. It is on the top of a hill overlooking the town. Sharon, Joe and Adam in foreground. August 2001

Self Portrait in front of Peterborough Cathedral

This is a self portrait of us in front of the Peterborough Cathedral. July 2001

Church in Huntingdon with Mike and Sharon.  July 2001

This is a picture of St. Somebody's church in Huntingdon. The British obviously take better care of their churches than their castles! July 2001


And this is Peterborough Cathedral. It is a truly stunning, sprawling, gorgeous piece of architechture. It has Catherine of Aragon's grave inside, among others. Mary, Queen of Scotts was buried here until her son, the king, moved her to Westminchester Abbey. There are plenty of gargoyles and other depictions of hell!