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Welcome, Baby Trey!


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Davis: Adventures in Space

On Friday, October 5, 2001, the Davis Family grew by one.

Ernest Michael Davis III was born at 7:21 p.m. with his Dad and Gramma helping. He was 7 lbs 11.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

Our Family

Trey - Day 2

A very tired baby. Trey is 2 days old here and wrapped in his Granddad Ernie's blanket.


Birth is hard work! Moma and Trey take a break.


Was Adam ever that small? Sarah and Adam with Sharon and Trey. This is still day 2!


Trey and Gramma Maggiy on Day 3.

Trey Day 4

You wanna do what to with my diaper? Quite uncertain about that! (Day 4)



More and more alert. This is on Day 15 or October 20.


I'm too cute!

Flowers for the Hospitol

These flowers are for the midwives at Hinchingbrooke Hospitol in Huntingdon. They were extremely kind and made the first hours with our son very special. They accomodated us by letting Michael stay with Trey and I for the last few hours before he flew back to the States.

Go Seminoles!!!


Gramma with Trey the day before she flew home. October 17


And one more because Moma loves to take pictures!

October 16

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